Valdes Lawn Care and Snow Removal, LLC is a great example of an accomplished American Dream. A young man with a lot of expectations came to the United States of America following the dream of almost every immigrant. He wanted not only to achieve success through hard work, but he dreamed of becoming a resource for his community.

On May 5, 2005, against the recommendation of those around him, Joe Valdes quit his full time job as a restaurant manager and started Valdes Lawn Care & Snow Removal, LLC. With loyal employees and customers, Valdes Lawn Care & Snow Removal has proven over the years that in this land of opportunities, hard work and determination can equal success!

Valdes Lawn Care started with only three employees. Today there are 50 full time employees and approximately 25 seasonal workers. Each year, the demand for Valdes Lawn Care’s services increases. A majority of our work is based upon referrals from existing customers. A true testament to our quality of work!

We offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial properties. Valdes Lawn Care has the equipment and staff to provide the highest service along with outstanding value! The love and care for what we do is shown in every aspect of the job. Throughout the Metro area, people can appreciate the excellent job we have done in landscaping ranging Irrigation to Natural Gardens to Natural Stone Walls and Steps and custom made landscape design.

During the winter, Valdes Lawn Care & Snow Removal handles all aspects of snow and ice management. Using multiple meteorological sources, we track storms long before they arrive to ensure efficiency. In addition, we apply some of the most innovative snow and ice melt products to ensure the safety of the property long after the storm. Whether the property is a high traffic site that requires constant monitoring, or a small site, the snow experts at Valdes Lawn Care & Snow Removal will custom tailor a program to fit each customer’s need.

With a dedicated owner, an amazing team and over a decade of experience, Valdes Lawn Care & Snow Removal, LLC will make sure the job is completed on time with the best quality and price in the market.